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Jeff Mckenna resides in a peaceful Southern Utah town amidst the red rocks that make up National Parks like Zion and Arches. He loves mountain biking over the brightly colored sandstone that surrounds him, as well as new trails he finds when he goes on cross-country RV trips with his wife. Along with reading entertaining historical fiction novels, Jeff believes a great way to learn to love America is by exploring her beautiful landscape and visiting cities and states from sea to shining sea. 

Jeff's love for his country is what has fostered his love for writing. Uncovering America's history can be messy, but Jeff dives in with both hands to uncover what lies hidden in our nation's past. He loves to reveal forgotten heroes and help them come alive for young Americans as they race through the pages of his historical fiction novel, Saving Dr. Warren... "A True Patriot"


Jeff would love to hear about the American heroes you've discovered as you've dived into history! 

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