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The author, Jeffery J. McKenna, holding the musket ball that allegedly killed Dr. Joseph Warren. The musket ball is safeguarded at the New England Historic Genealogical Society


Jeffery J. McKenna is an attorney in Southern Utah. He has worked on the novel Saving Dr. Warren..."A True Patriot" for 20 years while also running his own law firm. Jeff has a deep love for America, and strongly believes in helping the youth of America develop a similar love for their country.


Jeff's sole desire in being an author is to help Americans everywhere learn and remember the sacrifices of America's great heroes.  It is because of this desire that Jeff takes time away from his law firm to speak at schools and other venues. Jeff travels often, and is happy to travel to any state in this great country to speak at public / private schools, with homeschool groups, or at patriotic events.


Having worked with teachers Jeff knows that funds can be limited, and is willing to come speak at schools at little to no cost for them.

If you are reading Saving Dr. Warren...A True Patriot in an educational setting, please don't hesitate to contact the Saving Dr. Warren Team. We would love to arrange a visit!

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Find the presentation that's right for you!


Jeffery is happy to work with you and your needs so he can help provide you with the best experience.  



With the arrival of the coronavirus, Jeff is offering free virtual visits to schools, classrooms, or groups of students. In person visits are still available for educational groups that are interested.

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