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Jack C.

"Thank you [Mr. McKenna] for giving me the opportunity to read your book. 

At the start of the year my parents told me I was going to be doing advanced English. Because of this I started to think of all the hard and boring books I would have to read...But ever since [my teacher] showed us your book, my whole mindset has changed, and I'm enjoying English more than ever."


Cannon M.

"When [my teacher] told me we had to read a book about America's Patriots, I didn't think it was going to be engaging or fun. I really regret thinking that, because this book was amazing.

Steve O'Dell reminded me a lot of myself. Before I read this book, I wouldn't really say the pledge of allegiance, or go to a Veteran's Day celebration willingly. Also, I never understood the sacrifice that veterans are making every day for this country, and the veterans that died for my freedom. This book really made me feel great respect for America's patriots."

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Ella Kate T.

"This book is extremely well written and I was genuinely impressed and engaged the entire time reading it. The subtle foreshadowing and how the story all links together was so fun to discover, and almost like solving a mystery.

Aside from it being enjoyable to read, I learned about a person I didn't previously know anything about. I truly enjoyed learning about Dr. Joseph Warren. The book helped me grow in patriotism and understand what people dedicated for this country, and are still dedicating."


Emily D.

"I liked how [Mr. McKenna's] book didn't just skim over things. The book went really in depth about stuff I would never learn in a history class. I had no idea who Dr. Joseph Warren was before this. Now, I understand the impact he had.

Steve taught [me & my classmates] some lessons, too. Just like him, I would say the pledge, sit down, and get to work. But now, I know what true patriotism is. This book came at a wonderful time...We [in America] are disagreeing over even the smallest things. this book is what we need to unite us."

Emily Headshot.jpeg

John M.

"This book embodies the spirit of patriotism. It teaches kids the value of freedom, and showing people amazing heroes that they should try to emulate. One of these such heroes is Dr. Joseph Warren...His bravery inspired many, but over time he was forgotten. But this book won't let that happen. Already, many kids around the country have read this amazing book, and they were encouraged by [its] story of a fight for freedom. Thank you [Mr. McKenna] for giving me and my school this book to read. It was truly inspiring, and I will never forget it."


Houston Y.

"Thank you [Mr. McKenna] for donating one of the best books I have ever read to our Advanced English class! I loved the book because it told two different storylines while intertwining them into one fantastic plot. 

I could certainly relate to Steve in the beginning of the book when he was just going through the motions of being a patriot. The book helped me appreciate the complexity of what it truly means to be a patriot. Dr. Warren is now one of my favorite patriots as well. It is amazing to me that someone's story, so important and beloved...could be forgotten. Thank you Mr. McKenna for helping me remember."



"I really enjoyed the book, and that's coming from someone who would rather be shot at Bunker Hill than read assigned reading. The story actually kept me interested and I didn't read just one chapter at a time like I do for most assigned books. Thank you [Mr. McKenna] for teaching me that all assigned books aren't bad."


Virginia S.

"As  I read through [Mr. McKenna's] book, I rather enjoyed the plot twists and how the entire story tied together in the end...I also appreciated how you wrote the story in a way that both high and low readers could comprehend and enjoy. I thought that was very clever and unique.

I have to say your book truly impacted me in a way I never imagined. You brought to my attention that the word remember is very essential to every American's vocabulary. I had never realized this before, and it truly changed my perspective. I can definitely say without hesitation, that I am a stronger patriot because of your book. I not only know more about Dr. Warren, but about what kind of American I choose to be. So, thank you [Mr. McKenna] for the privilege of reading your enticing book."


Will M.

"I absolutely loved the book and wanted to never put it down. I have never really liked to read that much, but I couldn't stop reading this book. The book felt so real, like I was right there in 1775 on Bunker Hill. This book completely changed the way I look at our veterans and the people who fought, and still fight for our country. Before I read this book I had no idea who Dr. Joseph Warren was, and I think it is great that [Mr. McKenna] helps us remember someone who helped fight for this amazing, free, country." 


Sarah L.

"Most of the books we read in school are very boring and dull. Saving Dr. Warren was an interesting and fun book to read, and I don't really even like to read. I love the way [Mr. McKenna's] book tells the story of the founding of America, while still including the perfect amount of action, modern day drama, and scenarios. I genuinely loved reading [Mr. McKenna's] book."

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