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2024 Essay Contest

Updated: May 7

The winners of this year’s annual essay contest, organized and led by Help Patriotism Prevail, were announced during a ceremony held on April 19 at the Southern Utah Veterans Home (SUVH). The "Help Patriotism Prevail" essay contest has concluded with an inspiring display of talent and dedication from students, as reported by St. George News. Among the winners of this esteemed competition, two out of the three hailed from Washington County, showcasing the depth of patriotic spirit within the local community. This initiative, designed to foster a sense of national pride and civic engagement among youth, has evidently struck a chord with students who have passionately expressed their views on patriotism and its significance in today's society.

The winning essays, penned by these remarkable young minds, have resonated with judges and readers alike, offering profound insights into the essence of patriotism and its enduring relevance. Their words serve as a reminder that patriotism transcends mere symbolism; it is rooted in a genuine love for one's country and a commitment to its ideals. By honoring these exceptional students and their thought-provoking essays, "Help Patriotism Prevail" not only celebrates individual achievement but also encourages a broader conversation about the values that unite us as a nation. As we reflect on the insights shared by these talented writers, let us be inspired to cultivate a deeper sense of patriotism in our own lives and communities, ensuring that the flame of liberty continues to burn bright for generations to come.


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