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Unrest In The Colonies

History Lesson

Colonial America Timeline (1764-1770)

Stamp Act, Sugar Act, etc.

Sons of Liberty (Sam Adams & James Otis)

Christopher Seider's Death ​

Created by Meghan Truman

Boston Massacre

History Lesson

Joseph Belknap's Deposition

Gov. Hutchinson & Gen. Thomas Gage

Captain Preston​

Created by Meghan Truman

Boston Tea Party

History Lesson


Tea Commissioners 

Letter To George Dudley (Chairman of the East India Company)

Boston Gazette - December 20, 1773

Created by Meghan Truman

Battle of

Lexington & Concord

History Lesson


Isaac Merrill's letter to John Currier spreading the news - April 19th, 1775

Diary of British Army Officer - April 19th, 1775

Created by Meghan Truman

SDWATP Pacing Guide

Language Arts 


SDWATP Chapter Questions

Language Arts / History

Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 8.49.52 PM.png

SDWATP Assessments

Language Arts / History

In the Classroom


Classroom Lesson Plans


Created by teachers

for teachers

Battle of Bunker Hill

History Lesson


Letter from Massachusetts Provincial Congress - May 3, 1775

Map of Boston Area - 1775

Map of Boston Area - 2020

Created by Meghan Truman

Class Talking Points

Language Arts / History

In the Classroom

Revolutionary Events Overview

Language Arts / History

Musket Ball.png
Created by Andrew Cotten & Meghan Truman

New Educational Commentary

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